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The Ugly Queen 2 2022

It's the periods of the Spring & Autumn and the Warring States Era. The feudal lords are at war and the people are in a constant state of suffering. Zhong Wuyan fell from grace, Qi Xuan Wang more and more favored Xia Yingchun, and trusted Wei Wenbin. Unexpectedly, Wenbin and Xia Yingchun plott a rebellion. Thanks to Zhong Wuyan, she sees through the plot and rescues Qi Xuan Wang. Qi Xuan Wang regrets that he left her out in the cold and takes Wuyan home. Because of the disappearance of her son, the two of them couldn't really reconcile. Wenbin & Xia Yingchun, whose desire to destroy Qi dynasty is still alive, flee to Chu for help. Chu Wang listens to slander & starts another war. To prevent the people from suffering, Wuyan go to the battlefield again. Fortunately, she recovers her own son during the battle. Zhong Wu Yan helps Qi Xuan Wang to defend against the forces of other countries, assists the Qi Xuan Wang to settle the state and become a famous queen that goes down in history.

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